Register for our FREE screening of 'The Making Of A Health Hero' 

Dr. Partha Nandi

Register for our FREE screening of 'The Making Of A Health Hero' 

Dr. Partha Nandi

Learn How to Become Your Own Health Hero

Come join us for an exclusive viewing of The Making A Health Hero movie where you will hear inspiring stories of individuals who had to become their own Health Heroes and how it transformed their lives and how you can too!

Dr. Nandi will share what it takes for YOU to become
your own Health Hero, so that you too can have the power to change your life. 

With a little guidance and support, anything is possible – don't miss
this unique opportunity to learn how to become your own Health Hero!

Registration Bonus Gift: Dr. Partha Nandi’s Protocol for Optimizing Your Health and Wellbeing

This comprehensive protocol is your key to total transformation! Packed with powerful tools and step-by-step instructions, this protocol will help you create meaningful and lasting change in your life, including improved health. With its clear dietary and supplement protocols, you’re sure to achieve success. 

About Dr. Partha Nandi

Dr. Partha Nandi M.D. is a practicing physician, international best-selling author, and host of the Emmy award-­winning medical lifestyle show "Ask Dr. Nandi" which is in syndication daily in over 90 million homes in the US and 90 countries.
Dr. Nandi travels the globe speaking on How to Be Your Own #HealthHero which includes his no-nonsense approach to food & fitness, how he combines Eastern & Western philosophies, and the science behind the amazing health benefits of spirituality, mindfulness, and community. 

Still not sure about it? Here's what you can expect to experience:

  • You will feel inspired to create change in your own life.
  • ​​A true understanding that each of us has the power to change our lives.
  • ​​No one person, regardless of circumstance, is without the ability to create change
  • ​​Health is attainable for ALL of us.
  • ​​Each of us is given a gift to share with the world and YOUR gift is waiting to be uncovered.
  • ​​You are YOUR own HERO.
  • ​You will walk away with a new sense of motivation to CHANGE YOUR LIFE – knowing that it is just about having the right tools and support system to take that step to finally create the change you desire.
"Make your health a priority. You cannot afford to go another day not feeling your best — it is time to put your health first once and for all "  
Dr. Partha Nandi


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